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CONCERTS IN TAHITI                                                                November 18, 2002

Avis Harrell and the Combo Tropical Band

The Soul of Black Music
Born in the United States, immersed since a very young age in gospel and soul music, Avis Harrell has mixed her voice with those great American singer such as Ray Charles. Wayne Newton and Stevie Wonder. This is her third appearance in Tahiti, also the third time that she sings with the TCB, meaning Rossoni brothers’ Tropical Combo Band.

Avis Harrell began singing at the age of 7. Also, she soon received advices from a huge star of the black American music, Stevie Wonder, which is not surprising when you know that she is from a family where singing is part of every-day life.

Then she becomes the back up singer of another big star, Ray Charles, during a long world tour and moves on to a show in Las Vegas for three years, next to Wayne Newton.

-> Concerts and recordings

A complete artist, she writes her own songs, in diverse kind of music such as soul, funk and rhythm & blues.

This is the third time that Avis Harrell comes in Tahiti. The world is that big, it is during her first visit in 1995, that the connection is made with the Tropical Band, jazz “big band” with about fifteen musicians. The big band show was on the same program as the singer’s…. She joins the group for some classic songs and it triggered something in her mind. She participates  to  the  recording


of their new album, singing some classic songs such as “Spain”, of Chick Corea, and others like “That’s what friends are for” of Dionne Warwick. Five years later, she comes back for the show Heiva Upa Rau and plays few dates at Papeete, still with the TCB.

-> About ten concerts 

But, fortunately, things always happen in threes. The ones who didn’t get the opportunity to see her first two shows, will get the chance to see her. Wednesday, November 20th, first date of her 10-day tour. From Mana Rock Café to Paradise, stopping by the Beachcomber and the Café de la Gare, those are several opportunities not to miss this wonderful Black American singer. This time, those who miss it, will really miss a spectacular show!

-> Where and When?
 - Wednesday
20 November, 8pm, at Rubis.
- Thursday 21 November, 8pm, at Mana Rock Café.
- Friday 22 November, 9pm, at Café de la Gare.
- Saturday 23 November, 8pm, at Mandarin.

- Wednesday
27 November, 5.30pm, at Beachcomber Tahiti.
- Thursday
28 November, 8pm, at Beachcomber Tahiti.
- Friday
29 November, 9pm, at Voodoo Lounge.
- Saturday 30 November, 5.30pm and 9.30pm, at
                   Beachcomber  Tahiti.

For more information, please call Frederic Rossoni
at 43 43 12, or Stephan Rossoni at 78 04 86

Photo:  The picture above:
From Stevie Wonder to Tina Turner, it is the core of the black American music that Avis Harrell goes over for our greatest pleasure.