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Los Angeles, California - From the beginning to the end of the Cd, Avis "Simply Amazing!" confirms that you will be completely satisfied with Avis' R&B/Pop production and vocal performance.


As a young child belting out "Go Tell It on the Mountains", in the Garfield Elementary School Auditorium, (much like the little girl in Tina Turner's movie "What's Love Got to do With It",) Avis Harrell has been singing practically every since she could speak. Her classmates were so excited by the power of her voice and the confidence that trilled on with each note, that she caused and unplanned uproar of applauds in the very place where youth were being taught to be conservative and disciplined. Once shuffled off to the Principals office to visit Mrs. Alacohn, she reprimanded Avis for bringing a soulful, gospel, and Baptist sound to what was supposed to be songs sung in the vain of "The Sound of Music." The screams and applauds from Avis's classmates further confirmed that she had "that something" or that "it factor" to move masses of people with her vocal presentations.


Fast forward, this brings us to today's newest release Avis "Simply Amazing!" You can tell from the first song on this Cd, "Baller & Player", that Avis writes true to life stories that have a message. Your ears will automatically perk up to listen to the story unfold once you've heard the elaborate intro and music production played by Producer, Michael Williams. No reality show allows an artist to display this kind of talent that Avis breaths into a music production that she has been blessed to create and share with us. Some of Avis' points in the industry are as a former "Miss Black America D. C." to a back up singer with Ray Charles as well as with Wayne Newton in Las Vegas. But from her sister group in D.C. "The Fawns" to her self-written & produced album "Self Contained" to her "Tribute to Our Troops" and "A Song for Haiti", Avis never detours from her goal and that is to bring you true original music.

Taking a break from Big Band music in Los Angeles and performances with The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra, Avis decided to enforce her "Queen of Versatility" powers to embrace her R&B side once again. This Cd Avis "Simply Amazing", written by Avis is a clear journey of the love she posses in her heart, her happiness, and a message of world peace. Every element is there, from love and romance to getting people of all nationalities up on the floor to dance together on "Shake It". In my opinion the Cd, Avis "Simply Amazing!" is a Cd that you would want to own and allow yourself to feel renewed from 10 really well written, well sung songs that I'm sure it will become an American staple. So please give yourself a treat and order a copy today. Trust me….you'll be "Simply Amazed!"

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