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Avis Harrell is back

Stephane and Frederic Rossoni, long time friends of the singer, did everything they could to have her come back in Polynesia.


The Polynesian audience will be able to discover a great voice of the American song, Avis Harrell. Student of Stevie Wonder, back up singer for Ray Charles and Wayne Newton, the singer will be on tour for two weeks with the Tropical Combo Band. 

During one of her show, the Tropical Combo Band was on the same program that evening. It is naturally that she joined the group to sing along. Since, she has participated to the recording of one of their album, and last year, she came back for the show Heiva Upa Rau Oscars Awards show as our guest of honor, while giving a series of concerts accompanied by the Tropical Combo Band.

Born in the United States in a family where singing is a second nature, Avis Harrell was surrounding by gospel and soul. She begins to sing at the age of 7. Later, Stevie Wonder will help her and give her some advice for her career. She becomes a back up singer for Ray Charles for a long world tour, and she participates during three years in the show of Wayne Newton in  Las Vegas. She then starts to write her own songs.


It is the third time that she comes in Tahiti. Her first stay in 1995 remained unnoticed, she sang in a local café, along with her pianist, when a night, the Tropical band was on the same  program, Big Band of jazz with 15 musicians. 

She spontaneously joined the group to sing some classic songs. Rossoni Brothers then asked her to participate in  the recording of their upcoming album with the Tropical Band. She sings “Spain” of Chic Corea, “That’s friends are for” of Dionne Warwick and “Mean to me”, an old tune, just before getting back in the plane to Los Angeles. But Stephane' and Frederic Rossoni kept in touch and planned to work together in the future.  

Five years later, she is back for the show Heiva Upa Rau of November 2000 at  the grand theatre of the “Maison de la culture” and gives a series of concerts  at Papeete with the Tropical Combo Band.

Considering the success and the  impact that she has with the audience, the band was anxious to have her come back. Her repertoire is wide, but she excels in soul, funk and rhythm and  blues
styles. From Stevie Wonder to Tina Turner, it is the core of the black American music that is revisited for the greatest pleasure of the audience.