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Soul, funk and rhythm & blues at Café de la Gare.

Avis Harrell continues her Polynesian tour with the local Tropical Combo Band.   Friday night, the singer and her musicians took possession of the Café de la Gare for a powerful and highly rhythmic show.



This is Avis Harrell’s third tour in Tahiti. It is with delight, that the audience, who was able to see her during her first tour in 1995, has found her again in a dazzling shape. People who didn’t know her, were also here, called out by this voice that we can compare to one of the biggest Afro American singers.

Soul, funk, rhythm & blues are the favorite styles of the singer, however she is not afraid of getting out of it thanks to the talented musicians who compose the Tropical Combo Band. Thus, Brazilian music and more were also played. We have to say that they have known each other since 1995. During her first visit, she came from the United States where she lives, accompanied by her pianist Doug Lambert for her tour.

During one of her show, the Tropical Combo Band was on the same program that evening. It is natural that she joined the group to sing along. Since, she has participated to the  recording of one of their album, and last year, she came back for the show Heiva Upa Rau Oscars Awards show as our guest of honor, while giving a series of concerts accompanied by the Tropical Combo Band.


The Café de la Gare, despite its small size, does not hesitate to have musicians and singers over to accompany the evening. They do not hesitate either to move tables and chairs to welcome even  more music lovers in a friendly atmosphere. That is how it was  Friday night when everybody gathered around for a drink and for  the same passion of her music.

Avis Harrell, even if her name is not that popular yet, she is gaining much popularity in Tahiti and shared the stage with the greatest. In particular with the likes of Ray Charles and Wayne Newton for world tours as a back up singer.

Above the picture:
The Afro American music revisited by Avis Harrell and the Tropical Combo Band.

Next dates:
Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at Hotel Beachcomber Tahiti.
Friday 29 from 9pm until midnight at the Voodoo Lounge restaurant.
Saturday 30 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at Hotel Beachcomber Tahiti and from 9.30pm to 11pm at the club Le Paradise.