Concerts at Papeete/ Avis Harrell                      Page 2

Soul, funk, rhythm and blues and standards: Avis Harrell is excellent in those styles of music.  Friday and Saturday night, at Café de la Gare then at the restaurant Le Mandarin, numerous spectators fell beneath the spell of    this beautiful talented singer.  The Tropical Combo Band, the local band who accompanies

her, and who is already famous around here, seems to find, with Avis,  “great musical chemistry”: they get along perfectly!  Avis Harrell just , to      remind you, that she is  from the United States and has sung next to the     greatest:  Stevie  Wonder did guide      her in her  career, and Avis was a       back up singer for the great Ray Charles  and Mr.

Las Vegas Wayne Newton. Those are strong references, which explains without a doubt, the vocal   qualities of this singer who nonetheless became a star on her own. Avis Harrell knows how to give a show and to communicate with enthusi-asm! Some people in Tahiti even thought that Avis was Tina Turner’s younger sister. 

Which is not the case, but this is true that the resemblance is striking. Anyway, this is a great pleasure to welcome in Tahiti such an artist who cheers up and brings a lot of energy to our local parties.   She is beautiful and a great, great singer!


Pictures: She changes her look yet again (on the left).  New looks and new music, at the restaurant Le Mandarin.
Saturday night:  On the right, Avis Harrell gave her show at the Café' de la Gare